Conducting experiments at Whitefish Bay High School

Whitefish Bay Public Education Foundation

Funding Innovation

Since 1993, the Foundation has contributed over $1.3 million to the Whitefish Bay Public Schools for innovative programs such as

  • creating a flexible, high tech redesign of the Middle School Media Center
  • building a recording studio and  providing keyboards for Music Departments
  • installing a 3D printer for the Art Departments
  • piloting voice enhancement devices for classroom teachers
  • providing cameras for live streaming of classes during virtual learning

Board of Directors

Demaris Kenwood - President
Curt Smith
Kara Bzdusek
Tim Cigelske
Ana Conant
Tammy Herpel
Shannon Izquierdo
Anne Kearney 
Laura Koski - Secretary
Ginger Lazovik
Steve O'Connell - Treasurer  
Catherine Mattke
Ashley Mueller
Jim Phillips 
Angela Romersi
Russ Sagmoen
Igor Stevic
Jackie Thompson
Jessica Wintheiser

Anna Gibson 


Thank you to the hundreds of individuals and families who support the Foundation through our Annual Appeals, Bay Balls, Run the Bays and Alumni Scholarships! Thank you to the First Midwest Bank for a 2020 grant of $2500 to support the Nuss Grants and Student Scholarship programs!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the WFB PE Foundation Annual Appeal which raised more than $16,000 to fund innovation in our schools!! We thank our 2020 donors:

Sara Alter 
Jill Anderson

Gene and Brenda Anguil

Paul and Hema Barkhaus

Mark and Laura Barnard

Erica and Erica Berg

Linda Binder

Kevin and Colleen Buckley

Kara and Phil Bzdusek
Nathan Christianson

Michael and Judith Cichy- in honor of the class of 95 and 97

Adrian and Carla Cohen

Jennifer and Jordan Curnes  

Frank Daily and Julianna Ebert

Nicholas and Joanne Desien

Chris and Lisa Dresselhuys

Michael and Kathy Dwyer

Gordon Eisendrath

Essam Elsafy
Karlene Fox

Brett and Kristin George

Matthew and Erin Granstrom

Robert and Julia Harding

David and Margarete Harvey

Josh and Melanie Hertzog

Alicia Holdorf

Valerie Jablonka

Francine John-in memory of Bill John

Mel Johnson and Paula Laurant

Jayne Jordan

Mark and Virginia Kannenberg

Steven and Suzette Kappes

Mike and Linda Katz
Alex and Mary Kramer 

Joseph and Anne Kearney

Demaris and Gontran Kenwood    

Bruce and Laurie Kestelman

Bill and Christie Krugler

Anne Lehman

Ross and Sarah Leinweber

Claire Leslie

Katherine and Sandy Mallin

Ann Margolis 
Mark and Karen Mathu

Catherine and Tim Mattke

Jay Miller and Donna Faw

Todd and Shannon Muderlak

Ashley Mueller

James and Judith Murdoch- in memory of John E. Murdoch class of 1953  

Joseph and Marjeta Novak

Dreanna Nuss-in memory of Ed Nuss    

Meg and Steve O'Connell

Carrie and David Osswald

Jim Phillips

James and Lynn Rickabaugh  

Blaine and Linda Rieke

David Pritchard and Kathleen Rodgers

Russ and Emily Sagmoen

Suzanne LaFleur and Dan Sapiro

Steve and Lynn Schley
Judy and Tom Schmid

Terry and David Schwartz
Terri and Neil Siegel

Curt and Katie Smith

Warren and Sue Smith

Erik and Melissa Ugland

Whitefish Bay Middle School-in memory of Andre Nicholson

Scott and Abigayle Williams

Jim and Kim Wong


Thank you to our past Bay Ball and Run the Bay sponsors:

Elsafy, Godfrey and Kahn, Sommer's Automotive, WFB Civic Foundation, Baird, Amato, American Family Insurance, Associated Bank, Colliers, Orthopaedic Hospital, Lakeshore Family Dentistry, Elite, Orthopaedic Hospital, Hometown Building, Mathnasium, Admirals Foundation, Mattke Family, Sagmoen Family, Ronayne Family, Moran Family, Lococo Family, Foote Family, Elsafy Family, Lazovik Family, Chapman Family, Holland Family, Goldstein Family, Jakowski Family, Fox Family