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What We Do

Web camera donation 

The Whitefish Bay Education Foundation has approved a $12,000 donation to the Whitefish Bay School District to support the purchasing of web cameras for teachers throughout the district. 

“As a response to the pandemic, the board reached out to the district to see how they could best support the school during these difficult times,” said Kevin Rietman, Whitefish Bay School District Coordinator for Instructional Technology. “The donation of the cameras will not only help in the virtual learning interim, but will allow classes to connect for college visits, parent meetings, and other digital teaching opportunities world-wide into the future.”

As of now, a large percentage of students will begin the year learning from home fully or partially. The purchased cameras will assist teachers with this blended learning format while allowing for future changes. The cameras are high-quality with the capability for video conferencing in a class or personal setting and can also be used as document cameras in the event the virtual environment ends.

“We are extremely grateful for this generous donation from the Whitefish Bay Education Foundation.  The Foundation has a strong reputation for supporting teachers, students, learning, and innovation in our schools,” said Dr. John Thomsen, Whitefish Bay Schools District Administrator. “These special classroom cameras will allow for enhanced communication and learning between our classroom teachers and our virtual learners despite the difficulties we face in the COVID-19 era.”

Grant for ukuleles


Alyssa Wilda is a General Music Teacher at Richards Elementary School

Dear WFB Education Foundation,

Thank you so very much for granting Richards School a full classroom set of ukuleles!  My students enjoy learning chord progressions, using instrument tuning skills, and accompanying themselves while singing thanks to your generous gift.  

I did not anticipate the wonderful bonuses of students sharpening their teamwork and problem-solving skills as they help one another figure out fingerings or how to tune their instruments and am elated that they have emerged with these fabulous teaching tools!  

Thanks again,

Alyssa Wilda 

Ms. Alyssa Wilda has been teaching choral and general music for grades two, three, four, and five at Richards School since 2010. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.  In addition to teaching music, Ms. Wilda also holds the positions of  Richards School Meeting Coordinator and co-advisor of Richards' Student Council.

Electrophoresis grants

Gel Electrophoresis

Judy Weiss is a Science/Engineering Teacher at Whitefish Bay High Scohol 

Over the past several years, the life science sections of the High School Science Department has been the grateful recipient of numerous Nuss Grants.  Much of these funds have been used to upgrade our Microbiology studies. The equipment purchased has been used in Biology, AP Biology, and the newer Biomedical Science courses.  

The specific equipment and students depicted in the photos are students performed Gel Electrophoresis, which is a techniques common in medicine, research, and forensic sciences in which specific fragments of DNA are electrically separated by size. Using gel electrophoresis, students can view their own DNA or sample DNA to identify genetic characteristics. 

The micropipettes, the holders, and the gel electrophoresis equipment have been either fully or partially funded over the years through the generosity of the Whitefish Bay Educational Foundation.


My students and I are grateful for your support!  

Judith C. Weiss Science/Engineering Teacher Whitefish Bay High School

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Flipping the classroom with iPads

Successes to come with this model:

-More student-driven iterations with the material 

-More access points/equity for students (completing the 'homework' has ceased being an intense labor, and instead has been replaced by a predictable and accessible assignment)

-More teacher-supported practice time

-Ability to create higher quality resources (videos, guides, keys, emails)

-A dynamic shift in the physical classroom space (rows vs group work) This has allowed for greater mobility and student collaboration.

Next steps 

-Training students about the differences in "Completion vs Comprehension" of video notes.

-Refining structure of course and other resources to better accommodate this learning style.

-Developing further quantitative assessments to measure students progress (academic, as well as social and emotional)

This has been such an exciting opportunity to redefine our teaching practices to best meet the 21st Century learners in our classrooms. Thank you so much for your generosity, I look forward to our continued partnership as we further develop this program for the Whitefish Bay Schools.

Josiah Owen, Math teacher

Grants in action
Grants in school
Ukuleles grant
Grants at work