Nuss Grant Guidelines

School District of Whitefish Bay

Whitefish Bay Public Education Foundation Nuss Grant Guidelines



The purpose of the Whitefish Bay Public Education Foundation Nuss Grant program is to encourage and assist teachers, staff and students in developing innovative and exciting ideas that can be implemented as a part of the curriculum. Creative programs or educational concepts that provide an educational benefit for a large number of students are given priority. If you have questions about the grant program or this form, contact Maria Kucharski, Director of Teaching & Learning Services.


The following criteria will be used to review grant proposals:

  1. The proposal provides an educational benefit.


  1. The proposal must request funding to assist in instituting an innovative or creative program, and that it has not been previously funded by the Foundation.
  2. The proposed educational idea or concept must be one which is not funded regularly by the school budget.
  3. The proposal must have the approval of the administrator in charge of the program and the principal of the school.
  4. Proposals must be submitted to the Director of Teaching & Learning on or before November 1.


  1. The school district will retain ownership of all proposal materials, equipment, products developed, and intellectual property arising from the program.
  2. Within one year after the date of the proposal, the applicant(s) must submit a final report to the Foundation describing how the project funded by the grant was successful according to the criteria described in the grant proposal.


  1. The Foundation will not approve requests for field trips and other travel.  
  2. The Foundation reserves the right to honor or reject any and all proposals.



(Application below)

Date of Application ________________

Target of Start Date________________




The Ed Nuss Grant Program – Application 
Due date November 1 (NOTE: Postponed fall 2020 due to COVID-19)


Applicant Name:   ___________________________________________________

Applicant’s e-mail. __________________________________

Proposal Approved By:           ___________________________________________
              (Department or Grade Chairperson)



                                                            (Building Principal)


This Grant Application has been reviewed and approved by the Director of Teaching & Learning.  I certify that in my judgment there is no other source of funding for this project.



                                                            Maria Kucharski, Director of Teaching & Learning Services



Give a general description of the proposed project for which funds are requested:







Please identify the educational benefit of this project:







How many students will benefit from this project or idea?






In what way is this proposed project or idea innovative or creative?







If the funds requested are for purchase of supplies or materials, please describe in detail how these supplies will be used in the classroom setting.







What other source of funding has been explored?








Have you approached the School District to find out if this project or idea could be funded as a part of the regular school or department budget?  If so, what were the results of this exploration?



Please give a detailed budget for this project, listing each item requested and its exact cost, and a grant total, which includes shipping/handling/installation.





If the proposed project is technology-based, you must have the project checked by Dan Hovey for district-technology compatibility.  Has this step been completed and approved?
 Signature _________________________________________      ______________
                           Dan Hovey, Coordinator of Informational Technology                            Date



If the Ed Nuss Grant Program will not cover the entire cost of the project, what other sources of funding will be used?





What criteria will be used to evaluate the educational success of the proposed project, program, or idea?  Please be specific.





School Phone Number and Extension _________________


School e-mail __________________________________


Home Phone Number ____________________________


The Whitefish Bay Public Education Foundation thanks you for your thoughtful completion of this application. Please return this application to the Director of Teaching and Learning Services.